Registration is free

This doesn't mean that after registration suddenly everything costs money. Actually you can meaningfully use this website without a dime. We want to be a living community that everyone can participate in as long as she or he is a bit (or a bit more) kinky, independent of his pocket money.


Fundamental features are free

  • Writing messages
  • own profile
  • Lovelyns questions
  • video chat
  • sharing content
  • get to know suggestions
  • unlimited viewing of content

All this end even more expects the Free User ( = Nonpaying Member)

High end features require a pay-membership

For only 5 € pro / month you get

  • ad free timelines
  • visitors log
  • better rights system
  • the possibility to separate relations in more steps
  • your own private groups
  • sometimes kink related modules
  • priority support

All this is given to thank our supporting Premium Users ( = Paying members)

A few words about privacy and data protection

kinkship does not want to store your real name

Payment process and are separated. kinkship only stores your nick and the data you are entering for your profile or the stuff you are uploading. We want that you can be as much anonymous as you want to be.

Youth protection

Our website is for adults only. To make sure that we can freely exchange ourselves about our kinks, we have to make sure that you are an adult. But we do not want to keep anything here, that destroys your anonymity. This is our way to make both sure:

We check your legal age. Either we see immediately, that you are an adult or we take a short look on your passport. We are only interested in the birth date.

This happens during our face2face check, that you can make after registration. The video is not recorded and doesn't even happen over our servers but uses an anonymous video chat service that you can use without giving any personal data to this service.

Your privacy

We give you full control over your data and your shared content.

All information you give to us, all content a.s.o. can be withdrawn or deleted by you. We must mention that this happens sometimes for technical reasons time shifted. But anything you delete gets invisible for others normally within seconds and it gets deleted for sure later from all places.

Even if content you shared gets rebloggt by other members you can delete that afterwards and it will disappear from all places. Your content will always stay yours alone.

To protect your privacy also inside of our community you are able to right protect sensible data. Like to make your profile image only visible to your friends.

Interesting stuff for the paranoid

To make sure that you are not unknowingly tell other websites about your visit on this page (tracking), we do not use services from Google oder Facebook which are known to collect data. Our map material is thus not from Google, but from Open Street Map. All this just to make sure that your visit to our site can not be recorded or evaluated by others.

All ads you might see on our website are loaded from our server only for the same reason. Of course if you click on an ad, you are making a connection to the other server but than you know that your are doing this on purpose.

The idea of kinkship

Fake repellent

By a very consequent Face2Face check we do not only keep underaged away from this site, but also we are almost fake free. Due to this reason we do lack all those wonderful ready for all fakes, who pimp so many other communities stats and appearance.

Not everyone is searching

Nobody likes to yell to a deaf person. Lovelyn is the tool, that brings together the seeking. The idea is that seeking members get suggestions from Lovelyn who matches members. This way we make sure that only those members get in contact, that really enjoy getting in contact.

So check on a regular basis for Lovelyns suggestions and have some patience. Remember, because kinkship is almost fake free, we might lack a few of the normally always willing and beautiful fakes.

You want to get to know somebody spontaneously?

Present yourself! If you want to be found apart of völvas service, you must show something. Do you like to be found on the map, then make your (round about) position visible. Or just publish images / videos / lyrics or information. (Do not forget to add good Tags) Everyone who finds your content, can find you and write to you.

You will only get to know persons who do hide their position and who do not publish with Tags, if they find you by the way mentioned or if Lovelyn connects you.

Those who do not have content to publish can reblog stuff from others to show what they like. This way you can also gain attraction.

kinkship member search

Our map shows only those members that have published their position.

Our member search is only there for finding people you know already. The tag search shall aid you to do so.

Our member search is not meant to be a tool for finding new contacts by their attributes. This is Lovelyns job.

Email to support: