love kinky live wild wants to become the new international player in the the sexual open minded scene (kinky, fetish, transgender, bondage, sm and more).

GPS position - your decision

If you let us know just round about where you are

  • you know whats going on in your area
  • you know where your friends are (if they let you)
  • and more ...

Check it now?

Stay in contact with your friends

kinkship is a social network, just kinky.

What is the basic stuff here?

  • your personal timeline
  • kinky images, videos, stories and more from members
  • marking of faves (interesting members), real friends and the possibility to follow others
  • share stuff with friends and groups
  • write messages to anyone
  • see where friends are (if they allow you)
  • private groups (optional)
  • your private aide Lovelyn

Stay tuned

kinkship is always up to date.

What do we offer

  • we have an event calender
  • see where your friends go on the weekend
  • read interesting articles about just any topic related to sexuality and life style

Something for you?

Are you looking for a new partner?

That is what Lovelyn is for. She seeks 24h a day, so you can live the real life. If she finds someone worth to look at, she tells you.

So fill out the profile, and tell Lovelyn to look out. She will ask you a cuple of questions in the first days, so that she can find the perfect match for you.

kinkship would like you to join

kinkship is a kinky network. If you are seeking contact to other sexually open minded persons, you can find them here. We are a tolerant society that welcomes kinky content and members with all their different erotic interests.

You do fit to us:

If you are an adult and interested in multiple erotic topics or kinks. You like to experience or experiment and you are cool about anyone else, no matter what they are into? Then kinkship is for you!


Fun and Entertainment

We have for example:

  • open groups with content to all possible topics
  • the kinkship card game
  • a special module for D/s living people
  • and so much more we made or we are still planning for you

Optional Face2Face check!

Get checked to see and communicate much more.


You are different? We too!

But we can tell you a lot, just see for yourself:

  • simple registration
  • optional gender check (simple, secure, 5€ just to cover costs)
  • normal usage like messaging, sharing, watching all for free
  • our matcher works for free too and he is really cool
  • premium functionality is optional (and free for all under 25, after proof of age and gender)

We our loving our project kinkship and we hope that you do soon, too.

Should I tell my friends about it?

We would love that. The more friends you invite, the sooner this will be the kinky place you love.

Be proud to be a member of kinkship, tell everyone!

Outside, this site is pretty boring, so come and get in.

Now or never!